Wood & Nails is about making the most out of limited space. We know this and we always try to find new ways of optimizing space for our customers. There are no limits to the cool, functional ideas that our designers come up with.


Residential Interior Design

The exciting world of interior design brings with it an exposure to global design and trends that seem instantaneous. Because of this, defining your own unique style for a home can be overwhelming. Let's help you make the most out of your limited space.


Commercial Interior Design

Your working space must have the technological support to function in a state-of-art manner, yet make a unique design statement. Employees, visitors and your clients must love experiencing your space and ultimately it should be a classic representation of your company’s mission statement.
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Bespoke Furniture Services

Buying furniture is a big decision and we will do everything we can to help you make the right one. Find out more about all the things we can help you with by booking an appointment with one of our professionals, so that you end up with the perfect choice for your home/office.



For more than 3 successful years of experience in the market, we have developed a convenient process of the project.


To start creating the project, we have to prepare in a certain way. Usually we hold one or several meetings with the clients and find out their ideas and requirements to the future design.


The creating process includes making the virtual 3D-model of the object in the real size, which helps to see the final result more clear. This format is comfortable both for us and for you.


After creating the 3-D model of the room, all the corrections and improving we present the result we got to the client. During the presentation, the recommendations about the project’s realization are given by the designers.


Upon your approval of our design and time line of project execution, works will begin and our team will continue to attend regular site visits to ensure that our designs are executed in line with the exact specifications. Clients will be updated on the work progress.


This is the last phase, we would be more than happy to usher you into your new luxury space upon completion of installation and final makeover.

The design quality is exquisite. What is even better than the design quality is the customer service. Their response time is surprisingly fast! Not only does Wood & Nails bring the greatest user experience but it also offers a fabulous interior design.

Helen Hansen


I am one of the many satisfied customers who have used Wood & Nails services. They recognizes the value of extraordinary service and show professional concern for the quality of work performed. It was a pleasure to work with them on my new home.

Kola James